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470 *LO Record: Does the registration of domestic companies comprise legal owner's identity information? All LO: Yes, all companies require recording of all legal owners.
 Data Date: 2019


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According to Article 6 of the Company Act: "No company may be incorporated unless it has registered with the central competent authority". The APG mentions: "Information on the creation and registration of for profit legal person is publicly available from the homepage of the MOEA [Ministry of Economic Affairs] 'Commercial Industrial Services Portal (CISP)'. The CISP includes details of legal persons, including their form and articles as well as directors and shareholders, and registered nominee directors and shareholders" (APG 2019: 108).
In 2007, the APG reported that shareholders' ownership information is only required to be included in the bylaws of companies, which also have to be submitted. However, unlike all other types of companies, in the case of companies limited by shares, it appears that the bylaws do not include any shareholders' ownership information (APG 2007: 166). However, in 2019, the APG reported that: "All companies are also required to maintain a roster of shareholders under Article 169 of the Company Act. The roster must contain the following information: 1.The name or title and the domicile or residence of the shareholders; 2.The number of shares held by each shareholder; and the serial number(s) of share certificate(s), if issued, by that shareholder; 3.The date of issuance of the share certificates; 4.The number of shares, the serial number of share certificate(s), and the date of issuance of the bearer share certificate(s), if bearer stocks are issued; and 5.The words describing the type of special shares, if special shares are issued" (APG 2019: 167).


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