Taiwan (TW)

Jurisdiction Overview

437 *Is legal ownership information of real estate available on public online record (up to 10 EUR/GBP/USD)? No, information on legal owners is not always available online (up to 10 EUR/GBP/USD).
 Data Date: 2017


As of October 2017, Taiwan does not have real estate ownership information directly available online. The website of the Department of Lands Administration, which provides application forms to request copies of cadastral documents, does not allow access registry information. The response to an enquiry sent via the Department's website asserted that that ownership information was available online for users with a HiNet (private Taiwan internet service provider) account. The link provided in the email response lead to a terms and conditions page, where it is stated that the online process to access registry transcripts entails the use of an eletronic signature. Legal refrences included in the email response stated that the extracts available to the general public (Type II extracts) only include the partial names of owners which are natural persons, and conceal for those the dates of birth and ID numbers (Article 24-1 of the Regulations of The Land Registration, amended 02-2017). Also,"[t]he registering party may apply for concealing his/her partial address". However under the same regulation, the full names and identification numbers of legal entity owners should be revealed in the Type II extract. Thus, even if information on real estate ownership may be available online, the information provided with respect to natural person owners does not satisfy minimum standards.