Taiwan (TW)

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143 *Bilateral Treaties for Information Exchange Upon Request: Number of Double Tax Agreements (DTA) or Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs) with provisions for 2002 OECD-style information exchange? 0
 Data Date: 25/10/2019


While this section provides the number of bilateral agreements in force and whose texts are complying with the 2002 OECD-style information exchange “upon request” ("the OECD-standard"), a pre-requisite to consider a treaty as meeting the OECD-standard is: (i) that both involved jurisdictions were reviewed by the Global Forum, and (ii) that their corresponding domestic legal frameworks, upon which the effectiveness of the agreements depends, were determined by the Global Forum as being appropriate.
According to Taiwan Minsitry of Finance: "All of Taiwan's 32 Income Tax Agreements contain an Article with respect to the Exchange of Information by reference to the Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital released by the OECD. Furthermore, based on its own Tax Collection Act and practices, Taiwan has sufficient powers to obtain and provide banking information as a response to a specific request raised by its treaty partners. Taiwan is in conformity with 2016 Terms of Reference (ToR) A.3 (Banking information should be available for all account-holders) prescribed in the OECD Exchange of Information on Request HANDBOOK FOR PEER REVIEWS 2016-2020." (Communication with Taiwan Ministry of Finance, 27.12.2019). However, due to foreign political issues preventing Taiwan from joining OECD Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes, Taiwan is not able to receive the peer review process under the Global Forum and therefore the number of bilateral treaties reviewed by the Global Forum is zero.


OECD's "Exchange of Tax Information Portal" website as of 5 October 2017