Slovakia (SK)

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472 *LO Update: Is the update of information on the identity of legal owners mandatory? Yes
 Data Date: 2014


"The information to be provided in these documents is outlined below and companies and co-operatives also required to file each change to these documents (s. 3(1)b) and deposit the full text of the documents after each change is made [...] For private LLCs, the memorandum of association must contain, among other information (s. 110 CC): [...] identity of the company's members by specifying the business name and the registered office (if a legal entity), or the name and residence (if an individual); [...]. For joint-stock companies, the memorandum of association must contain, among other information, the business name, the registered office of the company and its scope of business; the number of shares, their nominal value, and their class; the number of shares subscribed by the individual founding shareholders (s. 163 CC). When a joint-stock company is established through a public call for the subscription of shares, a list of subscribers is prepared that contains each subscriber’s identity details (business name, registered office and identification number, if any, if the subscriber it is a legal entity, or the name, residence and birth certificate number if he is an individual). Once the required amount of shares has been subscribed, a constituent general meeting of the subscribers is called (s. 169ff. CC). The meeting’s minutes, together with the attendance list identifying the attending subscribers, are notarised and filed with the Register (s. 3(1)a Commercial Registration Act)" (GF 2014: 27-28).


GF 2014: 27-28