Slovakia (SK)

Jurisdiction Overview

360 *Are there criminal sanctions, custodial sentencing or any other statutory sanctions for breaches of banking secrecy? Yes, there are prison terms for disclosing client's banking data to any third party (and possibly fines).
 Data Date: 2019


According to Slovakia's Ministry of Finance, if the National Bank of Slovakia finds any shortcomings in the operations in the bank or branch office of foreign bank consisting in a failure to comply with the terms specified in the bank licence or a failure to meet the conditions, a fine penalty will be imposed on a bank and branch office of foreign bank from EUR 3.300 to EUR 332.000, according to the Act on Banks No. 483/2001 (TJN Survey-2017). And according to Slovakia's Tax Administration, "Act 300/2005 of Coll. Criminal Code para 264" is applicable (TJN-Survey 2019). Par. 264 of the Criminal Code reads "Any person who elicits information subject to trade, bank, postal, telecommunication or tax secrets with the intention of disclosing it to an unauthorised person, or who wilfully discloses such secrets to an unauthorised person, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of between six months and three years. "

Arts. 50 and 91, Banking Act
TJN Survey-2017; Act on Banks No. 483/2001; TJN Survey-2019; Criminal Code (Par. 264).