Slovakia (SK)

Jurisdiction Overview

172 *Are bearer shares available? No, bearer shares are always immobilised/registered by a public authority.
 Data Date: 2013


"Joint stock companies may issue bearer shares but these bearer shares may only be issued as 'book-entry shares', meaning that ownership is not established through the possession of a share certificate, but instead evidenced via a record kept in a Central Security Depository established under Act No.566/2001 (s..99(3)). The Central Depository is obliged to know the business name or name, identification number and registered office (for legal persons), and name, birth registration number and permanent residence (if a natural person) of every account holder (i.e. shareholder) (s..105) [...]. The Central Depository is licensed and supervised by the National Bank of the Slovak Republic. It is a joint stock company fully owned by the stock exchange" (GF 2014: 42-43).


GF 2014: 42-43