Russia (RU)

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475 *LO Online: Are companies' legal owners available on a public online record (up to 10 €/US$/GBP)? No, information on legal owners is not always available online (up to 10 EUR/GBP/USD).
 Data Date: 2019


Complete information on current shareholders (legal owners) is not available online (see below).
The Russian Ministry of Economic Development refers to two types of sources for company data. The first one, the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, is a free database of all registered legal entities which has limited ownership information. For both joint stock and limited liability companies, founders /participants (" учредителях (участниках)") are shown on the extract, including full name and Tax ID of natural persons. However, in the case of joint stock companies the company documents warn that "In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on state registration legal entities in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities contains information about the founders of a joint-stock company, and not about its shareholders. Shareholder Information companies are reflected in the register of shareholders, the holder of which is itself company or registrar" (document from: ; Google translation). The second type source is that of "information agencies [assigned by the Russian Federal Financial Markets Service] for the public disclosure of the informaiton related to equity markets" ( [TJN's note]). There appears to be 6 different information agencies, and it is unclear what companies are registered in each agency and what information can be obtained from them. When searching on one of such agencies, for a joint-stock company reported as active in the unified registry - no information was found whatsoever ("Ничего не найдено." or Nothing found.) ( The attempted search of the joint stock company tried using the company name (in Russian, as reported in the Unified Registry), and the company's registration number (as reported ibid.).