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188 *Is there an obligation to keep accounting data? Yes
 Data Date: 2013


The Global Forum reports that accounting records are required. In 2012 it wasn't clear if this also fully applies to taxpayers who are under the Simplified Taxation System (STS): "For STS taxpayers who elect to apply the 'income only' basis to determine their tax base, there is only a clear requirement to keep tax records in respect of income. Only those STS taxpayers who elect not to deduct expenses would fall within this group." (GF 2012: 43). However, in 2014, the Global Forum reported that "as of 1 January 2013 the 2013 Law on accounting took effect and STS as such are no longer exempted from bookkeeping requirements in line with the Law on Accounting." (GF 2014: 67).

GF 2014: 66-67; GF 2012: 41-43