Paraguay (PY)

Jurisdiction Overview

416 *Real Estate Registry: Is there a central registry of domestic real estate publicly available online? ONLINE: Yes, there is a central registry of real estate open to the public and accessible online.
 Data Date: 2019


Paraguay has a fully digitalized real property register administered by the Servicio Nacional del Catastro (National Cadastre Service). An online search engine covering both urban and rural estates is available to the public without registration. Administrative data on the estate must however be entered in order to search for a property. The National Cadastre Service also has an online mapping application with cadastre data; however, it is currently (09/2017) dysfunctional probably due to insufficient server processing power. While the necessary administrative data on real estates may be available via the online cadastral map, it is today impossible to find this information online. Without access to real estate administrative identifiers, it is impossible to access registry data online.