Puerto Rico (PR)

Jurisdiction Overview

437 *Is legal ownership information of real estate available on public online record (up to 10 EUR/GBP/USD)? No, information on legal owners is not always available online (up to 10 EUR/GBP/USD).
 Data Date: 2019


In Puerto Rico, although there is a centralised registry for domestic real estate with online functionalities, we consider that ownership data is not available online. The onlyeffective process to obtain land registry information regarding a property appears to be a search by cadastre number. First, it is necessary to obtain the cadastre identification number for the relevant property through a GIS website (selecting the information layer "Parcelas" and clicking on the desired property). Second, after free registration in the Karibe interface, it is possible to search the registry clicking in "Búsquedas e Índices" and selecting "Índices de Fincas Digitales"; and then entering the cadastre number as it appears in the GIS website (including hyphens "-"). In some cases this process results in a successful identification of the relevant property, and the website presents the option to purchase land records. However in other cases the search yields no results, even as the property is identified in the GIS application and the search is performed using the appropriate cadastre number.