Puerto Rico (PR)

Jurisdiction Overview

206 *Is any formal registration required at all? ONLY DOMESTIC: Domestic law trusts have to register, but no registration of domestically managed foreign law trusts.
 Data Date: 2019


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While there is no reference to foreign law trusts, domestic law trusts have to register in order to exist: "The Special Trust Registry is hereby created, attached to the Notarial Inspection Office of the Judicial Branch, which shall issue regulations with regards to requirements and the manner in which the Registry shall be established. Every trust constituted in Puerto Rico shall be recorded in the Special Trust Registry under penalty of nullity. Recordation shall include the following: (a) name of the trust being constituted; (b) date and place of constitution; (c) deed number and name of the notary before whom it was executed, if applicable; (d) name and address of the trustor; (e) name and address of the trustee(s) and the substitute(s) thereof, if any; (f) name and address of the beneficiary or beneficiaries and the substitutes thereof, if any. The notary before whom the trust instrument was executed shall be required to notify the same to the Notarial Inspection Office not later than the first ten days of the month following the execution thereof" (Law 219-2012, Art. 5).
It is not clear if foreign law trusts with a local trustee have to be registered.


Law 219-2012; Act No. 9-2017; Act No. 102-2017