Norway (NO)

Jurisdiction Overview

437 *Is legal ownership information of real estate available on public online record (up to 10 EUR/GBP/USD)? No, information on legal owners is not always available online (up to 10 EUR/GBP/USD).
 Data Date: 2017


Legal ownership data for real property seems to be available online. Following a search with the mapping interface provided by the Norwegian Mapping Authority, one can order the following products: Confirmed basic printing for real estate (18.37€), Historical basic printing for real estate (4.27€), Confirmed basic box printing for housing stock shares (18.37€), Historical basic box printing for residential property shares (4.27€), Confirmed copy of registered document for real estate (18.37€), and Confirmed copy of registered document for housing shareholdings (18.37€). After the information product is ordered, the "estimated delivery time is whitin one week". With regards to a tested property, information contained in the historical basic print for real estate ("Historisk grunnboksutskrift for fast eiendom") was organized in three sections: "Hjemmelsopplysninger" (printing home information), "Heftelser" (Liens), and "Grunndata" (Basic Data). While the first and the third sections where void, the Liens section included information on bonds and mortgages linked to the property, most of which showed the name and coporate ID of a bank. Under the subsection "Erklæring /Avtale" (Declaration/agreement) of the Liens section, the name of a natural person is provided following the indication "Livsvarig bruks- og/ eller disposisjonsrett" (lifetime use and / or disposal rights). However, this subsection of the register is shown to be deleted by 2009, and no other information on legal owners /right holders is presented for the tested property. In order to access current data, the appropriate extract seems to be " Bekreftet grunnboksutskrift for fast eiendom", available for 172 Krone (18.3 €). It is worth noting that the official websites used to order the extract did not allow automatic browser translation tools, and the paper extracts received by mail where only in norwegian. Thus, as of October 2017, legal ownership information for Norwegian real estate is not available online for up to 10 EUR/GBP/USD.