Norway (NO)

Jurisdiction Overview

419 *CBCR: Is there a local filing requirement of a global country-by-country reporting file (according to OECD’s BEPS Action 13) by large corporate groups (with a worldwide turnover higher than 750 million Euro) and local subsidiaries of foreign groups? OECD Legislation: Secondary mechanism is subject to restrictions imposed by OECD model legislation; or no secondary mechanism at all (only the domestic ultimate parent entity has to file the CbCR)
 Data Date: 2019


"Norway’s 2017/2018 peer review included a recommendation that Norway take steps to ensure that local filing can only be required in the circumstances permitted in the terms of reference. Norway amended the Tax Administration Act4 in a manner consistent with the terms of reference relating to the circumstances local filing can be required. As such, this recommendation is removed" (OECD CBCR 2019: 381).