Norway (NO)

Jurisdiction Overview

318 *CBCR: Are companies listed on the national stock exchange or incorporated in the jurisdiction required to comply with a worldwide country-by-country reporting standard? No public country-by-country reporting at all.
 Data Date: 2019


The scope of Norway’s regulated country-by-country reporting for enterprises in the extractive industry and in logging of non-planted forestry, effective as of 1 January 2014, is broader than similar rules in the European Union. Norway’s rules have the same regulations as the European Union with respect to reporting of payments to governments, but additionally require the disclosure of investments, sales income, production volume, costs (excluding depreciation and amortisation), and number of employees in every subsidiary. However, Norwegian companies are only required to report data for countries where payments to authorities exceeds NOK 800,000, which means support countries where little tax is paid are not reported. As a result, companies in practice do not need to report key information on their activities in corporate tax havens, but now instead they can deliberately remove third countries from their reporting. Consequently, we assess Norway as not having public country-by-country reporting.


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PWYP Norway
Forskrift om land-for-land-rapportering, 2014