Netherlands (NL)

Jurisdiction Overview

471 *BO Record: Does the registration of domestic companies comprise beneficial owner's identity information? Yes, more than 25%. All companies require recording of all beneficial owners at threshold of more than 25% (FATF).
 Data Date: 2019


From January 2020, all companies will have to register ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) with a central registry ( According to the government, the following information will be made public "First name and surname; birth month and year; nationality; state of residence; nature and extent of the UBO's economic interest. The public part of the UBO register can only be searched in the name of the company or legal entity. Searching by name of the UBO is therefore not possible. Retrieving the data from the register costs money" (ibid.; Google translation). The definition of UBO includes: "The UBO is the natural person who ultimately owns or controls a corporate or other entity. There can be more than one UBO. Some examples of who is regarded as a UBO are: A person owning more than 25% of the shares in a private company with limited liability, directly or indirectly; A person holding more than 25% of the ownership interest of a partnership, directly or indirectly; A person capable of exercising more than 25% of the votes in a decision to amend the articles of association of a foundation, directly or indirectly; A person effectively controlling a business; If nobody qualifies as a UBO based on the ownership or control requirement, the company must then designate a senior managing official as a UBO." (