Netherlands (NL)

Jurisdiction Overview

157 *Does the domestic administration have sufficient powers to obtain and provide banking information on request? Yes, but some problems.
 Data Date: 2019


Section B1 (regarding powers to obtain information) of Netherland's Global Forum peer review is found to be in place, but with one factor underlying a recommendation. While this factor is not related to bank information, we consider that there are some concerns because if the information is related to an ongoing criminal investigation in the Netherlands, EOI will be postponed. For example, between 2008 and 2009 there was one delay of up to 18 months (GF 2011: 75). In 2019, the Global Forum noted that "tax criminal investigations did not impede the provision of information, but did lead to a delay in answering three EOI requests" (GF 2019: 80), but no information was provided regarding the duration of such delay.
Moreover, the Global Forum observed that during the review period, only 46% of requests for banking information were responded within 90 days (ibid.: 81).


GF 2011: 75; GF 2019: 79-81