Mauritius (MU)

Jurisdiction Overview

568 *Bitcoins within CRS scope: Does the jurisdiction include entities issuing, trading, exchanging or holding cyrpto-currencies (eg bitcoins) as "financial institutions" that are required to report information pursuant to the CRS? Unknown
 Data Date: 2019


Per communication with Ministry of Finance of Mauritius: "Those type of entities may fall under the definition of "Financial Institutions" as per the Standard depending on their business activity. If they fall under this definition they have the obligation to report for CRS.". In this regard, point 4.1 of the Mauritius Guidance notes on the Implementation of the CRS, refered to in the communication, establishes that "Similar to FATCA,there are four categories of FIs covered underthe CRS:(a)Depository Institution; (b) Custodial Institution; (c) Investment Entity; and(d) Specified Insurance Company". However, it remains unclear whether such guidance would allow for the classification of entities issuing, trading, exchanging or holding cyrpto-currencies as financial institutions.


Communication with Mauritius Ministry of FInance, 9.1.2020.