Mauritius (MU)

Jurisdiction Overview

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 Data Date: 2017


Name and address
According to the Global Forum, "The application form for incorporation must include, inter alia, the name of the company, names and contact details for the directors and secretaries (if any), particulars of any business occupation and directorships in any public company or subsidiary of a public company held by each director, name and contact information of every shareholder, the registered address of the company in Mauritius and the name of the applicant (s. 23 CA). Where the Registrar is satisfied that the application for incorporation of a company complies with the Companies Act, the Registrar shall enter the particulars of the company on the register, issue a certificate of incorporation, and assign a unique identifying number to the company as its business registration number, which is recognised across agencies, including the MRA (s. 24 CA)" (GF 2017: 33).


GF 2017: 33