Mauritius (MU)

Jurisdiction Overview

470 *LO Record: Does the registration of domestic companies comprise legal owner's identity information? All LO: Yes, all companies require recording of all legal owners.
 Data Date: 2017


"The application for incorporation of a company to be sent to the Registrar of Companies must contain information on legal ownership, i.e. 'the full name and residential address of every shareholder', as well as the number of shares of every shareholder (section 23(2) of the Companies Act). It must also contain the name and address of the directors and secretary of the company. The Companies Act does not require the disclosure of any beneficial owners to the Registrar" (GF 2013: 23). In 2017 the Global Forum did not refer to any changes in provisions on companies (GF 2017: 33).


GF 2013: 23
GF 2017: 33