Mauritius (MU)

Jurisdiction Overview

237 *Are the settlors/founders named? Yes, but it is not clear if this refers to a natural person (beneficial owner).
 Data Date: 2017


See note on registration.
According to Mauritius Ministry of Finance, "Section 36 of the Foundations Act requires that Ultimate Beneficial Ownership information is maintained. These information can be accessed by the relevant authorities." (Communication with Mauritius Ministry of Finance, January 2020). However, even when 2018 amend to the Foundations Act incorporate the definition of 'beneficialowner' or 'ultimate beneficial owner'; such definitions are based on those of section 91(8) of the Companies Act ( Foundations Act, Art. 36(6)). As noted on the note on ID[471], section 91(8) of the companies act does not consider corporate shareholders.


GF 2014: 20-21
The Foundations Act 2012, Art. 23, 28, 36; Companies Act.
GF 2017: 60
Communication with Mauritius Ministry of Finance, January 2020.