Montenegro (ME)

Jurisdiction Overview

476 *LO Record: Does the registration of domestic limited partnerships comprise information on the legal ownership of all partners? Yes, all partnerships require recording of all partners/legal owners of all partners.
 Data Date: 2015


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According to Moneyval: "Under Article 12 of the Law on Business Organizations, the registration of a limited partnership shall be done by submitting to the Central Business Registry a statement or contract that includes the first name, last name and personal identification number, or (in the case of a legal person) name of each of the partners. Article 13 obliges a limited partnership, within seven days from the date of change, to submit to the Central Business Registry a signed statement specifying changes in partners or data about partners" (Moneyval 2015: 229).


Moneyval 2009: 30
Moneyval 2015: 228-229