Montenegro (ME)

Jurisdiction Overview

470 *LO Record: Does the registration of domestic companies comprise legal owner's identity information? All LO: Yes, all companies require recording of all legal owners.
 Data Date: 2015


DATA WARNING: Montenegro is not a member of the Global Forum and has not been reviewed yet.
According to Moneyval: "Article 70 of the Law on Business Organizations requires a list of founders, members of the company, managers, members of the Board of Directors (if appointed) and Executive Director to be submitted to the Central Business Registry and published at the first registration of a limited liability company. The list must be accompanied by information on each person, including name, date and place of birth, personal identification number, residence and citizenship. All amendments to information provided at the time of registration must be delivered to the Central Business Registry within seven working days of a change" (Moneyval 2015: 229). The same requirements apply to joint stock companies as per Article 21 and 28 of the Law on Business Organizations (Ibid.).


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Law on Business Organisations, Articles 20(2), 21, 28 and 70.