Montenegro (ME)

Jurisdiction Overview

416 *Real Estate Registry: Is there a central registry of domestic real estate publicly available online? ONLINE: Yes, there is a central registry of real estate open to the public and accessible online.
 Data Date: 2019


Montenegro has a central registry of domestic real estate that is available online to the public. A website of the Administration for Real Estate in Montenegro hosts a sophisticated mapping application providing boundaries and administrative identifiers for parcels and buildings for free. According to Montenegro's Ministry of finance, interested parties can access cadastral data on the basis of a cadastral parcel number, and electronic access to cadastral extracts will soon be available. Also according to the Ministry, the real estate cadastre covers today just under 70% of national properties, and records information on the real estate rights and owners of such rights. (TJN-Survey 2017)
According to Montenegro's Ministry of Finance, there is a public online registry of real estate (TJN-Survey 2017).

TJN-Survey 2017