Montenegro (ME)

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189 *Are annual accounts submitted to a public authority? Yes, there is an obligation to submit annual accounts for all types of companies.
 Data Date: 2019


"According to the Law on accounting and audit, all legal entities must submit their financial statements annually. According to the Law on business organizations, joint stock companies must submit their financial report with the audit report." ( These reports must be submitted to the Central Registry.

Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro, No 69/05 from 11/18/2005: Law on accounting and auditing, Article 9 (unofficial translation)
Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro, No 06/02 of 02/08/2002, No 17/07 of 12/31/2007, No 80/08 of 12/26/2008, No 40/10 of 07/22/2010 and No 36/11 of 07/27/2011: LAW ON BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS, Articles 3, 28 (unofficial translation)