Italy (IT)

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472 *LO Update: Is the update of information on the identity of legal owners mandatory? Yes
 Data Date: 2017


According to the Global Forum: "Companies must also report to registration authorities all changes in the company information (s.2196 of the Civil Code)." (GF 2013: 26). In 2017 the Global Forum confirmed: "It is the responsibility of the notary to notify the Business Register of the transfer of shares within 30 days of receiving the deed. SPAs not listed on a regulated market, SAPAs and SEs are required to file with the Business Register a list of all shareholders annually together with their audited annual financial statements." (GF 2017: 29). In addition, "The tax administration has at its disposal information contained in the Business Register including all ownership information and accounting information available with the Register based on registration requirements and subsequent filing obligations" (ibid.: 32).


GF 2013: 26; GF 2017: 29-32