Italy (IT)

Jurisdiction Overview

244 *Is registration data available online ('on public record') for up to 10 €/US$? Not applicable
 Data Date: 2017


While information on foundations is reported to be publicly available at the Prefecture (i.e. the delegation of the Ministry of Interior in each of the 110 Italian Provinces) (GF 2011: 22) and it was confirmed that the physical registries can be searched, including the statute (communication Vincenzo Comito, 1 March 2013), only information on foundations with public purposes could be found at the website of the commercial registry. Furthermore, as for beneficial ownership information, the Decree determines that beneficial ownership registration will not be open to the public. Rather, only the following authorities and entities may access the information: the Minister of Economics and Finance; the anti-mafia authority; the anti-terrorism authority; the judicial authority; and the obliged entities (e.g. alternative investment fund managers, banks, financial institutions and insurance companies active in the life sector) (

communication Vincenzo Comito 1 March 2013
GF 2011: 22; 37-40; GF 2013: 38