Italy (IT)

Jurisdiction Overview

214 *Is registration data available online ('on public record') for up to 10 €/US$? NEITHER: No, neither for foreign law trusts nor domestic law trusts (if applicable).
 Data Date: 2019


According to the Global Forum: All trusts with resident trustee in Italy or administrated in Italy are required to register for tax purposes." (GF 2017: 50). However, there is no indication that the information is made available online or on physical record and it is unlikely that tax returns will be publicly available. Furthermore, with regard to the registration of beneficial owners of trusts in case the trusts has tax consequences, the Decree determines that beneficial ownership registration will not be open to the public. Rather, only the following authorities and entities may access the information: the Minister of Economics and Finance; the anti-mafia authority; the anti-terrorism authority; the judicial authority; and the obliged entities (e.g. alternative investment fund managers, banks, financial institutions and insurance companies active in the life sector). (

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