Italy (IT)

Jurisdiction Overview

204 *Are Trusts available? ONLY FOREIGN: Foreign law trusts can be administered, but no domestic trust law.
 Data Date: 2019


Italian legislation does not foresee the possibility to set up a trust under Italian law, although Italy recognises trusts formed under foreign laws (as a party to the Hague Convention) and residents can administer foreign law trust (GF 2011: 33-34). With respect to a domestic law trust, the Global Forum reports: "a bill of law is presently under discussion at the Italian Parliament, concerning the introduction, among the articles of the civil code, of rules regulating the contratto di fiducia (fiduciary relationship). In particular, the cited bill of law provides for a transfer of an amount of money, goods and rights, from a settlor to fiduciary, in order to pursue a specific purpose." (GF 2011: 34). As of 2019, there is no domestic trust law (

GF 2013: 36
GF 2011: 34