India (IN)

Jurisdiction Overview

475 *LO Online: Are companies' legal owners available on a public online record (up to 10 €/US$/GBP)? No, information on legal owners is not always available online (up to 10 EUR/GBP/USD).
 Data Date: 2019


The website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs provides company information (subject to a very long registration process to the website). However, in a sample search to several companies, only basic information and the names of the directors were available. The ownership details of the shareholders were not available online.
Attempts to access ownership information in previous years were not successful. In 2013, we found that the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs allowed an access to all the documents submitted by the company (e.g. annual return, balance sheet, list of shareholders) for a total fee that varies according to the type of documents. In order to obtain a copy of the annual return a fee of 150 or 180 Indian Rupees was required (calculated based on the number of pages) (approximately 2 USD as of 21.11.2019). However, the website had technical faults which prevented from viewing a considerable number of the documents. In 2013, out of the many documents we have tried to view (in different dates), and many attempts to access the website, we managed to open only two copies of annual return, both of which did not include shareholders' names. The list of documents displayed included a document titled 'Details of shareholders' which we did not manage to open but it is possible that the documents include the required details if technical obstacles were overcome.
In 2015, in addition to the technical faults in opening documents, every attempt to pay online failed with the result that no document could be effectively accessed. In 2017, technical faults regarding the access to the website remained and several attempts to log on to the website failed. When finally access was completed, the only information available online for free (apart from the basic details) was of the directors and the option to buy information was not found. Therefore, ownership information was treated as not available online.