India (IN)

Jurisdiction Overview

416 *Real Estate Registry: Is there a central registry of domestic real estate publicly available online? No, there is no central registry of real estate.
 Data Date: 2019


Indian does not have a central registry of domestic real estate. Every State has a separate registry, some of which are accessible online. While land registries are accessible online in States such as Gujarat or Maharashtra, other States, such as Odisha, have not developed yet key online functionalities for the local registry. The 2015 report of World Bank Land Governance Assessment Framework for India, indicates that most States fail to periodically update real estate records, and that the registration of a transaction does not result automatically in updating of related records, making it considerably difficult to have access to accurate data. India has an online geospatial information system, where no registry information seems to be consistently available.

World Bank, India Land Governance Assessment: National Synthesis Report 2015.