India (IN)

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201 *Are annual accounts available on a public online record (up to 10 €/US$/GBP)? No, company accounts are not always online (up to 10 €/US$).
 Data Date: 2019


The website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs proposes the option to access public documents including accounts subject to the payment of fees for a total fee of 100 Indian Rupees (approximately 1.406 USD as of 25.09.2019) for companies’ documents and a total fee of 50 Indian Rupees (approximately 0.703 USD as of 25.09.2019) for LLPs’ documents. However, after a long registration process to the website and having paid the fees, we only accessed the forms filled by the companies and LLPs and not the accounting documents. In addition, we also tried the two other options proposed on the website, namely requesting for scanned documents and getting certified copies. As for the request for scanned documents, this option is available for free but we received as answer that the documents will be available in 15 days. We also requested certified documents and after having paid fees for certified copies and stamp duty fee for a total fee of 97 Indian Rupees (approximately 1.36479 USD as of 25.09.2019), we have been informed that the documents will be sent to us by the jurisdictional Registrar of companies within 15 days by post. Therefore, we conclude that companies' accounts are not available online.
In 2017, the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs allows an access (subject to a very long registration process to the website) to all the a documents submitted by the company (e.g. annual return, balance sheet, list of shareholders) for a total fee of 150 Indian Rupees (approximately 2.36 USD as of 15.10.2017). However, it appears the website has some technical faults which prevent from viewing a considerable number of the documents. In 2013, excluding one company, the balance sheet was available for all the companies we have randomly checked, although due to technical issued we managed to view only 2 out of the many we tried. However, in 2015, in addition to the technical faults in opening documents every attempt to pay online failed. In 2017, technical faults regarding the access to the website remained and several attempts to log on to the website failed. Therefore, information on companies' accounts is being treated as not available online.