Dominican Republic (DO)

Jurisdiction Overview

201 *Are annual accounts available on a public online record (up to 10 €/US$/GBP)? No, company accounts are not always online (up to 10 €/US$).
 Data Date: 2019


Very basic company information is available online. The tax authority allows a free search of company name, but it only offers the company name, registration number, commercial name, and status. The Commercial Register, related to the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo requires, in addition to choosing the region, to include the company registry number and a validation number (example of validation number: E3535116-3B3D-453A-B690-1B4B4D82151E). This means it is not possible to search for companies, unless the user already has all the relevant company information. In 2019, the legal situation remained the same and we have not seen any change in this regard.