China (CN)

Jurisdiction Overview

476 *LO Record: Does the registration of domestic limited partnerships comprise information on the legal ownership of all partners? Yes, all partnerships require recording of all partners/legal owners of all partners.
 Data Date: 2013


The Global Forum reports: "Partnerships may be established within China by natural persons, legal persons and other organisations (Art. 2). Wholly state-owned companies, state-owned enterprises, listed companies, institutions for public welfare purposes and social groups are prohibited from becoming general partners." (GF 2013: 42). Regarding the registered details: "Articles 7 and 8 of the ARRPE [Administrative Rules on Registration for Partnership Enterprises] provide that, among other things, the following information must be submitted to the responsible SAIC [State Administration for Industry and Commerce] authority upon registration: names and domiciles of the partners,[...]. identity certificate of all partners" (ibid.: 43; [TJN's-Note]). However, there does not seem to be an obligation to register the beneficial owners.


GF 2013: 42-43