China (CN)

Jurisdiction Overview

416 *Real Estate Registry: Is there a central registry of domestic real estate publicly available online? No, there is no central registry of real estate.
 Data Date: 2019


While a centralized registry may exist, the online access to land registry information for individuals is done through the official websites of the different provinces. For instance, Beijing organizes access to land registry information through the website of the Beijing Land Resources Bureau, where citizens can request information on land ownership and use through online forms. With the exclusive use of Chinese for all functionalities and information, but also because the form is addressed to citizens and national ID number is requested, it is clear that online information request is only available for Chinese citizens. This is also the case for the province of Quanshan (website of the Quanshan People Services Platform), where the user-registration process needed to request information requires the input of the national ID number.
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