Brazil (BR)

Jurisdiction Overview

157 *Does the domestic administration have sufficient powers to obtain and provide banking information on request? Yes without qualifications.
 Data Date: 2018


While Section B1 (regarding powers to obtain information) of Brazil's Global Forum peer review identifies one problem underlying a recommendation, this problem is not related to bank information (GF 2013: 82). However, "The average length of time taken to answer a request for banking information was within 180 days to one year" (ibid.: 80). The 2018 Global Forum has not made any further comments regarding delays in providing bank information; and it has observed that "in February 2016 the Supreme Federal Court put beyond doubt the RFB’s ability to obtain detailed information from financial institutions without the need for a court order" (GF 2018: 70).


GF 2012: 79; GF 2018: 70