Barbados (BB)

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476 *LO Record: Does the registration of domestic limited partnerships comprise information on the legal ownership of all partners? Yes, all partnerships require recording of all partners/legal owners of all partners.
 Data Date: 2017


"A limited partnership is registered when the Registrar receives a statement signed by the partners containing, in particular, the full name of each of the partners. Any changes made to the information submitted must be filed with the Registrar within seven days (section 8 LPA). The identity of the partners in a limited partnership (legal owners), including ongoing changes, is a matter of public record. A body corporate may be a limited partner (section 3(4) LPA), in which case there is no requirement to disclose the identity of the ultimate owners of that partner" (GF 2016: 32-33).


GF 2016: 32-33