Barbados (BB)

Jurisdiction Overview

416 *Real Estate Registry: Is there a central registry of domestic real estate publicly available online? CENTRAL: While there is a central registry of real estate, it is not - or only exceptionally - available online to the public.
 Data Date: 2019


According to the Word Bank Doing Business report for Barbados (2019), anyone who pays the official fee can obtain land ownership information at the agency in charge of real estate registration in the largest business city. The land registry website has information on different fees applicable to registry searches and information requests. The website has an interface that allows registered users to "Search Deeds"; yet, there is no indication as to how to proceed with user registration in order to obtain the necessary login. The Barbados Land Registry has been contacted by email to determine whether registry data is effectively available online.


Land Registration Act CAP. 229 L.R.O 2002