Austria (AT)

Jurisdiction Overview

403 *Taxpayers reporting schemes: Are taxpayers required to report at least annually on certain tax avoidance schemes they have used? No.
 Data Date: 2019


"The Austrian EU-MPfG exempts intermediaries from the reporting obligation, if they are bound to professional secrecy by law (e.g., tax advisors, public accountants, lawyers and notaries). In such a case, the taxpayer is obliged to report the reportable arrangement (once he has been informed appropriately by the intermediary). Further, the primary reporting obligation will also lie with the relevant taxpayer, when an intermediary is resident in a third country or the taxpayer does not (sufficiently) mandate an intermediary with the arrangement (i.e., the intermediary does not know, that he is part of a reportable arrangement), the relevant taxpayer is obliged to file the report" (