Austria (AT)

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244 *Is registration data available online ('on public record') for up to 10 €/US$? Partial online disclosure for all private foundations (e.g. foundation name or registered number or address)
 Data Date: 2019


While some information is online for free on the Commercial registry (name of foundation, address and registration number), access to legal ownership information costs 12.9€ (as of October 2019) and therefore we consider it as a partial disclosure. In addition, only some of the constitutional data is on public record because it is possible to create an additional protocol to the foundation deed that is not required to be on public record (Kalss 2004: 18-19 or Kalss/Eiselsberg/Zollner 2009: 21).
The Beneficial Ownership Register is not publicly accessible.


Kalss/Eiselsberg/Zollner 2009
Kalss 2004: 9, 18-19