Austria (AT)

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188 *Is there an obligation to keep accounting data? Yes
 Data Date: 2018


Although the obligation to keep accounting records under the Entrepreneurial Code (UGB) does not refer to SEs, the obligation under the Tax Code (BAO) applies to all companies (GF 2011: 38-39). Regarding the underlying documentation, the Global Forum reported: "Pursuant to section 212 of the UGB, all businesses required to keep accounting records must keep books, inventories, financial statements with the consolidated management reports, copies of received and sent business correspondence and all evidence underlying ledger entries in the books." (GF 2015: 41). In 2018 the Global Forum added: "The Austrian tax authorities have demonstrated that they are in a position to effectively supervise the obligation to maintain accounting records and underlying documentation for the five year period, prescribed by the standard." (GF 2018: 54).


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