Austria (AT)

Jurisdiction Overview

158 *Are there no undue notification and appeal rights against bank information exchange on request? Yes without qualifications.
 Data Date: 2018


In 2015 the Global Forum described that Austria abolished the prior notification to the taxpayer and introduced anti-tipping off provisions to prevent banks from informing the taxpayer (GF 2015: 60). However, the template used to notify the bank regarding the foreign request and to request information, informs the name of the requesting jurisdiction (ibid). This information should not be included because knowing the origin of the request of information should be irrelevant for the bank and it presents risks of being leaked to the taxpayer, in spite of the anti-tipping off provisions. No additional information on this regard has been provided in the Global Forum's 2018 review.

GF 2015: 60; GF 2018: 82-83