Austria (AT)

Jurisdiction Overview

157 *Does the domestic administration have sufficient powers to obtain and provide banking information on request? Yes, but major problems.
 Data Date: 2018


In 2015 the Global Forum described that “since the last review in August 2013, Austria has substantially updated its EOI network on a bilateral basis and ratified the Multilateral Convention, but restrictions on access to bank information provided for by Austria’s domestic legislation are still applicable in respect of 21 out of Austria’s 118 EOI relationships” (GF 2015: 58). In 2018, the Global Forum reports that even when "Austria has renegotiated some of its treaties to conform to the Standard in order to address the recommendation made in the 2015 Report [...] EOI relationships continue to restrict access to bank information" (GF 2018: 69).


GF 2015: 58; 2018: 69