Anguilla (AI)

Jurisdiction Overview

204 *Are Trusts available? BOTH: Domestic trust law and administration of foreign law trusts.
 Data Date: 2014


The Global Forum reports: "The Trusts Act governs the creation and administration of trusts and has its roots in English trust law. The Trusts Act allows for the creation of commercial or charitable purpose trusts, unit trusts, spendthrift trusts, and variant trusts" (GF 2014: 41). In addition, "A foreign trust, meaning every trust not governed by the laws of Anguilla, is enforceable in Anguilla except to the extent that it purports to do anything contrary to the law of Anguilla or to confer any right or power or impose any obligation that is contrary to the law of Anguilla [...]" (ibid.: 44).

GF 2014: 41, GF 2011: 11, 31