Antigua and Barbuda (AG)

Jurisdiction Overview

238 *Are the members of the foundation council named? Yes, but it is not clear if this refers to a natural person (beneficial owner).
 Data Date: 2018


According to the Global Forum, at the time of registration, the international foundation must provide the names of the members of the foundation council, including the name of all non-resident members and all protectors (GF 2014: 44). This was confirmed by the FATF in 2018: "International Foundations Act – Section 7 states that an International Foundation shall have a registered office in Antigua and Barbuda. Section 53 indicates that the internal register should include its members and protectors, name and address of each foundation member and protector [...]" (FATF 2018: 169-170). While the 2017 amendments require international foundations to file an attestation of beneficial ownership, it applies the same beneficial ownership definition for companies (any person who owns 5 % of shares, etc.) instead of requiring all parties of the foundation to be identified (Art. 8 of the amending law).


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International Foundation Act 2007, art 53
FATF 2018: 169-170