Antigua and Barbuda (AG)

Jurisdiction Overview

157 *Does the domestic administration have sufficient powers to obtain and provide banking information on request? Yes, but some problems.
 Data Date: 2014


In 2014 the Global Forum reported on some problems in obtaining bank information: "The competent authority did not exercise its access powers to obtain information from third parties as it considered that this was not required to reply to the few EOI requests received by the competent authority during the review period" (GF 2014: 73).
In fact, the Global Forum described that "Antigua and Barbuda received one request for banking information during the review period [...] this request has not been replied to as Antigua and Barbuda mistakenly assumed that the request was identical to another request received prior to the review period. The information holder in this case was a bank licensed in Antigua and Barbuda under the IBCA. There appears to have been an opportunity for Antigua and Barbuda to issue a written notice under section 6(1) of the TIE Act as described above. While no conclusions can be drawn with respect to Antigua and Barbuda's access to banking information in order to reply to this request, it is noted that banking information in relation to same bank account was accessed in order to reply to a request sent by the same peer prior to the review period" (ibid.: 71-72).


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